FIXING THE PUZZLE(final episode)

Credit: Online (unidentified source)

“Carla!! We would not have this conversation again. You’re not going to become a burden on this family. Not after all the investment we’ve put in you. Better start thinking of getting something permanent or more stable to do with that graduate certificate or at worse…

Source credit: Tunnel Hill Baptist Church Online Gallery


Sleep after her usual heavy lunch on Sundays had gradually become a routine for Carla. One she loved to refer to as self-care, before a stressful week began. …

…….things I wish I knew 5 years ago

  1. …..that it was okay to be different.

Someone should have mentioned that the reason fitting in was hard, is because, not everyone was created to be ordinary. Some were created to be extraordinary.

2. …..that finding your purpose and pursuing it, is…

Three months straight and King had been awesome. Why did it take her so long to say yes to this man who must have been created at dawn or in the morning, for all that light He carried and peace He came with?

5 minutes of a conversation with Him…

….phone rings!! Six times in a row!! Princess stares at the screen silently battling with picking up or not!! It’s been a long day and although picking that call was a logical thing to do her heart kept holding her back!! …


Why settle for less, when you can shatter the glass and have it all!! Dream, grow and change the world!!

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